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Sylvan Cellars wedding - Tyler and Megan are married!

Always a good day when I get to head back to Sylvan Cellars and hang out with awesome people. Had a great time with Tyler, Megan and company. A few things I loved..
-Tyler made a really neat ring box that also served as a great backdrop
-the solar panels behind Sylvan Cellars are my newest challenge. I will photograph them in every possible way.
-I used one terrible joke 3 times and Megan laughed every time (new record).
-Tyler and Megan’s entrance straight into the first dance was really fun. I loved how every was building the excitement to that moment.
-Megan’s dad brought all the emotion, and those will be treasured memories.

Thanks to the fantastic vendors -
Sylvan Cellars

Doctor Feelgood’s DJ


Martin’s for cake and flowers.

Grant Beachy