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Meadow Brook Barn Wedding - Colton and Brianne

Blog number two on the all new Grant Beachy Weddings!  And off we go...

What do you get when you combine a college softball player with a college baseball player?  Probably the start of some sort of joke, or in this case, Colton and Brianne (who are nothing like a joke).  We kept finding mutual connections the entire time we hung out. They knew my brother, who is an athletic trainer at the school they went to, I'm distantly related to Brianne,  and the ceremony was at a church where I am friends with the pastor.  By the time we had figured that all out it felt like I had known them longer than I had.  The getting ready and reception photos were at Meadow Brook Barn, which was the first time I've photographed there.   Beautiful venue, and a beautiful day.  

p.s. Check out the first look.  It was a really wonderful and genuine moment.  

Grant Beachy