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Romantic, fun, and elegant wedding photography for Chicago, South Bend, Elkhart, Goshen, Michiana, the World, and elsewhere. Based out of Goshen, IN, USA.  

I remember as a child, pulling out my parent's wedding album. It always had an air of mystery to me, like old holy books or stories from my grandparents, and it provided a link to part of my story.  Wedding photos are one of the investments that will appreciate over time in impact and value.  The further life takes you, the further they bring you back to where you started. In two months they will be a record. In 20 years, a signpost - a legend of great beginnings. 

Anyone who says that “a wedding is the happiest day of your life” and then stops, is guilty of a gross simplification. It is, but it's also a day of nerves, loss, and raw emotion. This makes sense of course, since entering any beautiful new room means that you must first leave the prior, but it is real and often unexpected. This range must be understood and captured in its fullness. The crashing joy, the twanging sorrow, the singing nerves; they combine to make the symphony and well-documented, the symphony remains.

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